Middlesex Aerospace Sponsors Local Youth Football Teams

Winklebury Wizards Football Club

With a long history of developing excellence to achieve success, Middlesex Aerospace is proud to announce a partnership with Winklebury Wizards, a local community club which has strived for 20 years to help children improve their activity levels, confidence and sublime dribbling skills.

Winklebury Wizards fields a number of teams across youth groups from Under-7 to Under-15 levels, including girls’ teams, along with introductory sessions for children from 3-6 years.  The club is run by parents and volunteers, and aims to provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for kids to learn and develop their football skills.

Sponsorship of 3 teams by Middlesex Aerospace allows the football club to buy necessary kit, training equipment and associated items that will help the players continue to develop their skills and improve their fitness and wellbeing.

With the pandemic thankfully now behind us, sport participation is seeing a rise back to 2019 levels. However, as numbers at that point had been declining, and the following two years saw community clubs hit hard by lockdowns, we believe local businesses can play a vital role in helping children to enjoy a more active lifestyle which also develops their social skills.

“Sports participation is vital for children to develop their health and confidence for the future”, said Laurence Foulds, Managing Director of Middlesex Aerospace. “We hope our support of 3 Winklebury Wizards teams goes some way towards them enjoying a great season and learning new skills, both on and off the pitch.”


National Manufacturing Day

There may be a perception that manufacturing in the UK has all but disappeared, when in fact this is very far from true. The UK has a long historical culture of innovation which has produced amongst the biggest leaps forward in aerospace. When combined with highly talented and resourceful engineers, it results in the UK boasting an industry in high demand the world over for its services.

It also means we must make even greater efforts to look ahead and attract the best young talent and show them how rewarding a career in aerospace can be. So it is with great pride that Middlesex Aerospace has teamed up with Make UK, the manufacturer’s organisation, and will be throwing open our doors to show students from the Everest Community Academy on the 7th July.

During guided tours and question sessions, students will be get a first-hand view into our operations. From procurement to They will be shown the varied roles which combine to produce precision parts for the world’s biggest names in aviation. They can also ask about career paths, from apprenticeship schemes to graduate intakes, and get advice on what courses may be most suitable for them.


Squeezing More Out Of Waste

Sustainability in Aerospace

As a leading manufacturer of aerospace components we produce a significant level of non-ferrous metal waste during machining processes, known as swarf. While a single piece swarf looks almost insignificant- a single piece of short swarf could be just a few mm and only 0.1mm in thickness) multiply it in the thousands and you can have a considerable amount of material piling up very quickly.

Recovering swarf produced during manufacturing process has long been a part of our efforts to operate a sustainable business. However, there are two issues we face when recovering swarf:

  • Swarf can take up a considerable amount of space for a given weight. This requires us to devote more space to storage and time spent handling than is desirable.
  • Retained Oils and Fluids. Machining components requires cutting oils and cooling fluid. Swarf retains these oils and fluids, so more has to be bought in to replace the lubricants now lost. The fluids present in the swarf then travel through storage and handling, pooling and staining containers which then need to be regularly cleaned –  potentially putting these contaminants in water courses.

Paul Foulds, CEO of Middlesex Aerospace, expanded on the issue further. “We wanted to find a way to recover the fluids used in the machining processes for re-use, and reduce the amount of volume taken up by metal swarf.  To achieve this we realised the best solution was to invest in two compacting machines reducing the volume of swarf and the amount of fluid the waste metal held.

Finding a solution to handling swarf and machining fluids.

After a period of research to ascertain the ideal equipment to suit our current and future levels of swarf production, we decided to bring in two compacting machines made by Jvonne in Italy.

Commitment to excellence

Jvonne, who opened their doors in 1986, have an excellent reputation for clamping and compacting solutions, and their high-quality standards approach mirrors our own commitment to excellence. The compacting units will handle up to 20Kg of alloy swarf per hour and deliver several key benefits to our manufacturing operations and sustainability objectives, including:

  • Fluid/Oil Recovery. The compacting processes will allow us to significantly reduce the moisture content in swarf generated during manufacturing. Fluid retention has declined from a max of 30% by volume to an impressive 1% potentially achievable. The fluids can then be pumped back to our machines for re-use.
  • Reduced storage required. The compacting process – which uses a hydraulic ram to force the swarf pieces together – reduces the volume of the material by up to 80%.


Great achievements

The Jvonne compactors were installed within Middlesex Aerospace’s facility and have handled their role of reducing swarf volume along with recovering fluids impressively. “Since installation we have seen the compactors make a real contribution to our sustainability efforts.” Said Paul. “We were determined to reduce the environmental impact of our use of machining fluids. Now, we recover and re-use most of the lubricating fluid previously lost in machining. And by compacting swarf into easy-to-handle blocks it has become far more efficient to handle and recycle. We’ve reduced not just the space needed to store it, but also the number of collections to take it away.“

  • Easier handling. Swarf in its loose state is messy to handle, can take up a lot of time to move and needs continual cleaning up to prevent it spreading around a facility. By contrast, the compacting process turns the loose swarf into compressed shapes – briquettes -which can be handled easily and stored in containers, racking or free standing.
  • Reduced emissions. As the high-volume swarf is turned into high-density briquettes, it means collection is faster and more efficient. Jvonne estimate the use of their compactors will reduce emissions from transporting away the swarf by 70-80%.

Efficiencies across our operations

The introduction of the two compactors will help us to achieve significant efficiencies across our operations and reduce our impact on the environment, benefits we believe our partners will appreciate and welcome the knock-on effect for them.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives and plans here 


Focused on sustainability – wood recycling

2022 is off to a great start as we stay focused on sustainability with our wood recycling

As a manufacturer of precision parts for the aerospace sector, we receive a lot of deliveries of raw materials and components. Most of these items arrive using wood for the packaging and transport.

Wood has long been a favoured material for transporting items. It provides excellent impact protection, is much safer than metal containers in low-spark environments, can be re-used much more than paper, and is far greener than oil/chlorine based plastics which are difficult to recycle.   But over time we built up a sizeable amount of wood at our facility which wasn’t going to be re-used by ourselves, so it needed to go. Problem was, we didn’t want to just throw it away. Rather, we wanted to see the wood we had go on to be re-used where possible to retain its carbon storage and recycled for a new life if possible too.

To help us meet these goals we turned to Oxford Wood Recycling in Abingdon. Oxford Wood Recycling is a charity which collects wood no longer wanted by businesses or domestic owners and looks to re-use as much as possible. The waste wood collected can either be turned into furniture or refinished for DIY projects or broken down for making panel boarding. Scaffold planks are refurbished so they can return to site. And the remainder is recycled for use in biomass energy production.

One of the great things about Oxford Wood Recycling is their determination to making a positive social impact. The charity employs 20 people and works with a network of volunteers, placements and trainees, many with disabilities, to help them develop their careers.  Working with the charity is very easy. It only takes a phone call to get them to collect the wood we had collected and the process was very quick and efficient. Oxford Wood Recycling use high-capacity caged pick-ups vehicles, which removes the need for us to order skips that take up much-needed space. In a short space of time the pile of waste wood was gone, heading to a new life. Your next DIY project might contain some of the wood they collected.

By asking Oxford Wood Recycling to collect our waste wood we have been able to stay focused on sustainability, with the added benefits of helping a charity continue to assist less-abled people develop useful career skills. We’d certainly recommend Oxford Wood Recycling to our partners and hope to see them again when our stock of waste wood piles up.


Cutting edge defence programmes

Our portfolio of cutting edge defence programmes include the F35, Eurofighter Typhoon & SAAB Gripen. Our legacy programmes include T45 Goshawk, Hawk, AV8B spares, repairs & refurbishment.

With over 75 years of comprehensive industry experience we work closely with leading design and manufacturing engineers to supply a world class service to Tier 1s.

Dedicated value streams support high volume programmes using Aluminium Prismatic, Large Mill Turn and Hard Metal Machining.

Spares and short order value stream allows our highly skilled and designated team to enable quick delivery.


Our established NPI enables us to deliver on time, on budget and within lead time whilst adhering to all requirements within this highly regulated market. 

We deliver the greatest value add for our defence customers by providing the highest level of components and kits.

To discuss your requirements or for further details please contact our sales team.


Reducing the carbon footprint of wind turbines

Driven by our advanced aerospace quality systems and value stream methodology our green technology manufacturing delivers fresh benefits to the energy sector.

Utilising proven technologies our innovative production of propeller sleeves and components, ground shaft assemblies, and power transmission shafts with splines bring new manufacturing options to wind turbine and wind energy systems. 


Our quality assured green technology manufacturing is a perfect pairing of agile and innovative practices with environmentally-friendly operations, working with Middlesex Aerospace the energy industry can further reduce the carbon footprint of wind turbines.

To discuss your requirements or for further details please contact our sales team.


Working Together

Working together

2020 delivered some testing times for everyone and the world and the way we work changed. Middlesex Aerospace are well known for being innovators.  Alongside our experience and knowledge we have adapted to new ways of working, allowing us to achieve flexibility at a time when it is needed the most.

Adding value

New requirements and ways of working will require changes in your processes and supply chains. Moving production may seem a timely and unwelcome task right now but can bring multiple unforeseen benefits across quality, cost, time and ease of delivery.

At Middlesex Aerospace our dedicated NPI team are highly efficient in supporting new product introductions. As a leading aerospace manufacturer of critical aerospace components and assemblies we are driven by our customer needs and challenges. Combining our core in-house manufacturing capabilities with supply chain expertise, aerospace components are engineered to meet the most challenging aerospace requirements.

Understanding your requirements and deadlines we will work closely together to create a defined plan and on-going tracking. With total transparency you can quickly see key project indicators giving you the peace of mind that your production is in safe hands. Our experienced team will identify both opportunities and risks early to give you full understanding and the ability to exploit, capture or resolve quickly.

To discuss your requirements with a member of our business development team contact us today.


Supporting our local community

Hatch Warren Infant School’s Pond and Sensory Garden

We are proud to announce our latest community project. The new school pond and sensory garden at Hatch Warren Infant School was opened officially by the honorable Diane Taylor the Mayor of Basingstoke.

The project was started back in Autumn 2019 by the Year R team to turn an overgrown area of shrubs and mounds of earth into a learning rich environment that can be used all year round by the whole school.

Hatch Warren School Garden

Middlesex Aerospace provided funding for the project and work on clearing the area started in January. The project also benefitted from other local support and donations so a real community effort.

Laurence Foulds, Managing Director, commented – ‘We were pleased to support this local project and to see the great results achieved by all involved. A lovely environment has been created for the children to enjoy’.

Middlesex Aerospace Community Project

Celebrating 75 Years 1945 – 2020

“When Middlesex Aerospace was established 75 years ago, the company had no idea where it would be today. However, there are several aspects of the Middlesex story that are as true today as they were then: its core values of delivering excellence, doing business with integrity and working to bring out the best in people. Middlesex Aerospace continues to do that and looks with confidence to an eventful future for us all.” Managing Director, Laurie Foulds.

Stronger and more resilient than ever

We have always strived to build strong partnerships at every level throughout our network, this allows us to remain resilient and create firm foundations for a secure future. Working together allows us to deliver industry leading solutions that will benefit us all.

We are proud to deliver consistent innovation

Core in-house manufacturing capabilities and strategic on-going investments in state of the art production multi-axis machines allow us to meet the most rigorous of aerospace requirements. Automation and robotics will play an important part in our future and allow us to focus on adding value. Innovation is essential and encouraged at every stage of our work. Our teams lead and manage change across every stage from design, manufacture, production and supply that directly benefits our customers.

The world is changing and we are adapting our operations to new ways.

Our implementation of new technology is matched by the up-skilling and retention of our committed teams and apprentices. The Middlesex Apprentice Scheme, which started over 50 years ago, is thriving and we continue to invest in our future by supporting our apprentices and local schools.