What lies ahead in 2024?

It is now just hours to go before we can say goodbye to 2023. But unlike this time last year, we’ll be saying it with some degree of sadness. The last 12 months are ones we will happily remember. With aircraft production increasing and new enquiries from major manufacturers, it seemed the hard work put in to invest in our facilities and processes was worth it.

So what can we expect to see during 2024? It’s fair to say that as aircraft manufacturers ramp up production to meet the pent-up demand for more planes, we believe this will result in an increase in both current and new orders to help meet their targets. Also, the amount of interest we found in our work while at major events during the year proved that there is still huge demand for UK precision engineering and the unique skills and experience we bring to Tier-One supply chains.

We are thankful that the hard work we put in during the last years is proving so attractive to customers new and old. And we look forward to a 12 months where we will continue to strive to meet ever higher standards and help our partners achieve their targets.

But for now, we wish both you and all our partners a Happy New Year. Here’s to a wonderful 2024 for you all.