Only integration can deliver the actionable intelligence needed for enterprise-wide collaboration in the aerospace industry. Collaboration is the key to the reduced time-to-market. It also creates greater flexibility which is needed to satisfy customer demand.

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Through consistent innovation, advanced processing, and by combining our core capabilities with supply chain expertise, aerospace components are engineered to meet the most challenging aerospace requirements.

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Middlesex Aerospace is focussed on the pursuit of effective, sustainable and agile operations through dedicated enterprise-wide collaboration and effective supply chain management.

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The strategies developed by Middlesex Aerospace are designed to meet customers’ precise production requirements and we achieve this by using superior aerospace engineering solutions and manufacturing methods, supported by continuous investment in technologies.

Our Supplier Network

Combining our core capabilities with excellence and innovation within our supplier network takes collaboration to new levels and delivers the compliance, flexibility and visibility needed to ensure value is maximised and waste eliminated.
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Proven expertise and supplier network dedicated to delivering the very best solutions for the aerospace industry

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Our flexibility and willingness to adapt combined with our innovative approach is what gives our customers competitive edge.

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Focused on the pursuit of sustainable, effective and agile operations. Integrations at all levels across Function, department and process.

Our Apprenticeship Scheme

Investing in the future of Aerospace – The future skills of our country are born out of apprenticeships, Middlesex Aerospace are true believers in securing the future of our apprentices along with the future of our business.

Our engineering apprentices receive an unprecedented mix of mentoring, insight, academic and practical experience creating a true foundation for a successful career.

Middlesex Aerospace Apprenticeship Programme
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About Us

Middlesex Aerospace is an innovator, leader and strategic manufacturer of aerospace engineering components. We are totally committed to delivering consistent, innovative and high quality engineered solutions to the aviation industry.

Middlesex Aerospace was founded in 1945 and has evolved over its 70 year history to become a leader in aerospace technologies. Our success is largely a result of the dedication of our team, who are entirely focused on meeting and exceeding our clients’ precise production requirements.

Latest News

Machinery investment for growth

Middlesex Aerospace has committed to a seven-figure investment with long-term machine tool partner, Yamazaki Mazak, to support the continued expansion of the company following an



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