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Middlesex Aerospace manufactures key aerospace components in house and sources low cost components from our partners worldwide. Understanding, managing and developing our global supply chain delivers key benefits to our clients’ ensuring value is maximised and waste eliminated.

Building a strong and effective supply chain is critical to delivering competitive advantage and is a key focus for any strategic aerospace business. Our relentless search for only the highest performing of suppliers allows us to reach new heights in capability and delivery, helping you to add significant value to your global supply chain.

Strategic Global Procurement:
Maximising Value, Eliminating Waste

Enterprise-wide collaboration creates greater flexibility. Through the implementation of effective transformative end-to-end supply chain culture and solutions, Middlesex Aerospace reduce time-to-market and satisfies client demand.

Our forward-thinking, transparent and committed approach to working with all parties enables us to form valuable long-term relationships which not only help to increase service and production levels, but also lead to increased competitive advantage, improved delivery and customer satisfaction.

Flexibility in supply brings opportunity

We have the ability to quickly respond to changes in the economic, technological and competitive environment and exploit new opportunities as they arise allowing our strategic global supply chain to maintain our competitive advantage.

Complete integration to
minimise risk

Middlesex Aerospace is focussed on the pursuit of effective, sustainable and agile operations through dedicated enterprise-wide collaboration and effective supply chain management. Our core skill is in the manufacture of high-end components, and this is a pre-requisite to us being able to manage the supply chain integration to such a high level.

We offer you the benefit of a complete and integrated global supply chain enhanced by our ability to manage risk effectively. Based on a strict supplier criteria of both performance and capability, we work closely with all partners to ensure appropriate stock levels are maintained throughout the supply chain, allowing us to meet client requirements and achieve deadlines.

Through the implementation of stringent quality control, meeting engineering and demand standards compliance and through the integration of an early warning system, our highly trained engineers ensure we deliver a competitive, viable and flexible supply chain management service.

We understand the value of integration across function, department and process. Extending across the entire supply chain ensures that all suppliers can benefit from increased efficiencies, speeding provision and responsiveness and mitigating risk.

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