Middlesex Aerospace Renews Critical Certification

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At Middlesex Aerospace we are committed to provide the highest levels of quality and security to our partners. As part of our continual accreditation process we have been informed our Cyber Essentials Plus certification has once again been renewed.

The Cyber Essentials standard was the brainchild of the National Cyber Security Centre. Supported by the UK Government, the accreditation was developed by the technology industry. The aim of Cyber Essentials is to help companies improve their digital defences and defend themselves from potentially disastrous cyber attacks. The standard is effectively a baseline of controls for a business and their internal and perimeter defences. Holding a current Cyber Essentials Plus certification vital to our work. This certification is a mandatory requirement when looking to become a partner with the Ministry of Defence.

By continuing being Cyber Essentials Plus certified we can demonstrate we have met a set level of security within our infrastructure. This is vital within the defence sector as we manage sensitive and, in some cases, highly confidential data. For many partners in the aerospace supply chain security is vital. They need to have confidence in providing us with information that must remain private. Cyber Essentials helps us to provide that level of reassurance to them.

The Cyber Essentials certification is not just a requirement of the Ministry of Defence either. Many major organisations request this certification is secured. Renewing our certification means Middlesex Aerospace is able to become involved in their supply chains as well.

Ultimately, Cyber Essentials is a practical, effective route to ensuring your company is able to combat common cyber security breaches. For us here at Middlesex Aerospace we believe it gives you, as a supplier or customer partner in the aerospace sector, the confidence to work closely with us knowing we operate a resilient infrastructure and can be trusted to handle your commercially sensitive data safely.

Middlesex Aerospace Cyber Essentials Plus