Middlesex Aerospace Sponsors Local Youth Football Teams

Winklebury Wizards Football Club

With a long history of developing excellence to achieve success, Middlesex Aerospace is proud to announce a partnership with Winklebury Wizards, a local community club which has strived for 20 years to help children improve their activity levels, confidence and sublime dribbling skills.

Winklebury Wizards fields a number of teams across youth groups from Under-7 to Under-15 levels, including girls’ teams, along with introductory sessions for children from 3-6 years.  The club is run by parents and volunteers, and aims to provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for kids to learn and develop their football skills.

Sponsorship of 3 teams by Middlesex Aerospace allows the football club to buy necessary kit, training equipment and associated items that will help the players continue to develop their skills and improve their fitness and wellbeing.

With the pandemic thankfully now behind us, sport participation is seeing a rise back to 2019 levels. However, as numbers at that point had been declining, and the following two years saw community clubs hit hard by lockdowns, we believe local businesses can play a vital role in helping children to enjoy a more active lifestyle which also develops their social skills.

“Sports participation is vital for children to develop their health and confidence for the future”, said Laurence Foulds, Managing Director of Middlesex Aerospace. “We hope our support of 3 Winklebury Wizards teams goes some way towards them enjoying a great season and learning new skills, both on and off the pitch.”