Sharing in Growth selection – Investing in the future

Design for the Future of Aerospace

Middlesex Group are proud to announce they have been selected to join the government-funded Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme.

SiG’s four year transformation programmes are designed to deliver and sustain improvements so that UK firms are better placed to compete for the continuing huge growth in the aerospace sector.

To achieve its growth ambitions, Middlesex Group will work with SiG to enhance its offering, for example introducing more complex assemblies, and to improve its productivity, skills, and shopfloor processes. The company has already invested in NVQ qualifications for some of its staff and now wants to use SiG’s funded programme to accelerate skills development.

Said Middlesex Group Managing Director Laurence Foulds: “All of our customers source globally so we must continue to offer world class cost of acquisition and quality. We have invested significant amounts in capital equipment in recent years and will continue to do so. We are now working with Sharing in Growth because our growth plan is dependent on ensuring we use all our assets as effectively as possible.”

Established in 2013, with £80 million from the Regional Growth Fund and endorsement from AgustaWestland, Airbus, BAE Systems, Bombardier, GE, GKN and Rolls-Royce, SiG has already helped secure contracts worth over £1 billion for the first 25 firms on the programme, equivalent to around 1600 UK jobs. Ultimately the programme’s goal is to safeguard 10,000 UK jobs.

Said Sharing in Growth CEO Andy Page: “We congratulate Middlesex Group on joining the Sharing in Growth programme. They have undergone a robust business diagnostic and have the backing of their major customers to achieve their growth plans. There is significant growth opportunity for competitive UK manufacturers as the global aircraft order book currently stands at nine years.

“Sharing in Growth is helping to ensure the UK remains a world leader in aerospace by improving competitiveness and productivity in the supply chain.