Cutting edge defence programmes

Our portfolio of cutting edge defence programmes include the F35, Eurofighter Typhoon & SAAB Gripen. Our legacy programmes include T45 Goshawk, Hawk, AV8B spares, repairs & refurbishment.

With over 75 years of comprehensive industry experience we work closely with leading design and manufacturing engineers to supply a world class service to Tier 1s.

Dedicated value streams support high volume programmes using Aluminium Prismatic, Large Mill Turn and Hard Metal Machining.

Spares and short order value stream allows our highly skilled and designated team to enable quick delivery.


Our established NPI enables us to deliver on time, on budget and within lead time whilst adhering to all requirements within this highly regulated market. 

We deliver the greatest value add for our defence customers by providing the highest level of components and kits.

To discuss your requirements or for further details please contact our sales team.


Reducing the carbon footprint of wind turbines

Driven by our advanced aerospace quality systems and value stream methodology our green technology manufacturing delivers fresh benefits to the energy sector.

Utilising proven technologies our innovative production of propeller sleeves and components, ground shaft assemblies, and power transmission shafts with splines bring new manufacturing options to wind turbine and wind energy systems. 


Our quality assured green technology manufacturing is a perfect pairing of agile and innovative practices with environmentally-friendly operations, working with Middlesex Aerospace the energy industry can further reduce the carbon footprint of wind turbines.

To discuss your requirements or for further details please contact our sales team.