A Q&A about our Apprentice Scheme

As a long-standing partner of Basingstoke College of Technology, we attended their recent Apprentice Recruitment Fair. It was as ever a superb event and there was a lot of interest from students looking for work placements and apprenticeships with Middlesex.

Later, we visited a local school to talk about Middlesex Aerospace and our apprenticeship scheme. We wanted to give students a clear picture of what they could expect – and what was expected of them – from an apprenticeship.

During the presentations the student asked some excellent questions about apprenticeships. We thought they were worth setting down below for other students to read and consider.

What is the advantage of an Apprenticeship over going to University?

The key advantage is you learn practical skills through an apprenticeship with a more hands on approach and you spend time learning all parts of the business. University is more theory. You get paid a wage with other benefits such as annual leave. And, unlike University, your courses are free plus Middlesex Aerospace will support you through further education to obtain your degree.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship with Middlesex?

Our advice is to get a placement at BCoT first. Then you can apply to do a work placement with us. This gives you a good idea of the company, and it gives us a chance to see you in person. If you do well, it could lead to an apprenticeship offer.

What grades do I need to get the chance of an apprenticeship with Middlesex?

Grades are not the important thing here. In fact, we don’t tend to consider them. What we are concerned with is how you perform through work placement, your attendance, punctuality, how you listen and communicate, and of course your enthusiasm.

Is becoming a Middlesex apprentice just about manufacturing components?

While this is the core of our business, there is so much more to learn. Within an apprenticeship scheme you get to learn all parts of the business which will include manufacturing components, NDT quality control, NPI, sales, purchasing and IT.

How long is an apprenticeship with Middlesex?

The typical scheme length is 3.5 years. However, this can last longer if you take more courses.

Will I get an opportunity to see where the components Middlesex make go on the aircraft?

Absolutely. We arrange customer site visits where you will see where our parts go on the aircraft. We also give you opportunities to attend other events, such as apprentice fairs and engineering exhibitions.