Middlesex Aerospace is an industry leader, an innovator and solution-focused manufacturer who is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the aerospace industry. We believe our flexibility and willingness to adapt combined with our innovative approach is what gives our customers competitive edge.

As part of our project development strategy we consider all elements of the product life cycle including quality, cost, schedule, and user requirements.

Innovation is key to the success of our engineering design and development strategies.

The strategies developed by Middlesex Aerospace are designed to meet customers’ precise production requirements and we achieve this by using superior aerospace engineering solutions and manufacturing methods, supported by continuous investment in technologies.

Design for the Future of Aerospace

Experts in Design for Manufacture

Our engineering teams have a wealth of knowledge in the application of manufacturing technologies and processes. We can work with your design team, giving advice as required throughout all stages of design and development activity

Impressive Design Capability

Middlesex Aerospace was initially formed as an aerospace components design house more than 70 years ago. Experience gained in this field has provided an extensive and invaluable knowledge base which benefits the way we approach the design and development of customer requirements.


Investing in Design Engineers of the Future

Investment in staff training is fundamental to our success and having a dedicated and committed team behind us who share our beliefs and values is really important to us.

We offer training and career progression opportunities so our staff can further develop their skills and harness their commitment, imagination and expertise. We also run a successful industry recognised Apprenticeship Scheme providing a path into the industry with long-term career prospects for motivated and passionate engineering students. Click here for further information on our investment into the future of engineering with Basingstoke College of Technology.

Middlesex Aerospace Apprenticeship Programme