NADCAP Accreditation By PRI: Feedback From Laurence Foulds

Middlesex Aerospace Nadcap certified

Following an intensive inspection process, Performance Review Institute has informed us that Middlesex Aerospace has achieved Nadcap® accreditation for Non-Destructive Testing. Furthermore, our recent audit has earned the company an additional 2 credits, meaning the certification remains in place until 2025.

To reach this standard is highly challenging; indeed, many members of the aerospace supply chain do not reach this level. PRI undertook a detailed examination of our business, looking at our work, approach to quality, investment in technology, and the skills and experience of our people.

If you are wondering who Performance Review Institute is, here is some background for you.

For many years aerospace companies would audit their suppliers to ensure they complied with self-created process requirements. As both customer requirements and partner processes were often similar, it resulted in huge levels of repetition with no real value; repeating the same reviews made them redundant and merely created work for no reason, increasing costs.

Alarmed at how this situation impacted development and manufacturing in aerospace, a conference in the US comprising of Government and industry leaders recommended creating an independent body to undertake the audits of supply chain partners. This led to the formation of PRI in 1990, tasked with administering the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program – Nadcap.

I believe this award perfectly illustrates our complete commitment to quality. It is very much a testament to the highly skilled teams here within Middlesex Aerospace and their expertise and determination to pass this audit with flying colours. It’s no exaggeration to say I am immensely proud of everyone at Middlesex Aerospace. We have always believed our work places us on a par with any of our peers. Nadcap certification is testament to our relentless drive to achieving the very highest standards.

I’ll end with these words from Jay Solomond, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute. “This is an impressive achievement by Middlesex Aerospace, with their ability to meet demanding industry and customer requirements now recognised globally. I am delighted to congratulate Middlesex Aerospace for their dedication and professionalism which has led to their achieving Nadcap accreditation.

Once again, congratulations to everyone here within Middlesex Aerospace. And for our partners, we look forward to bringing you ever-higher standards of quality and service.

Laurence Foulds, Managing Director