Looking to the future

Two years ago, we rebranded ourselves as Middlesex Aerospace, this also coincided with our enrolment onto the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme – much has happened in the intervening period.

Together with the SiG team we set ourselves a number of objectives.

• To reorganise our Senior and Middle management teams.
• To introduce a new shop floor team leader structure.
• To offer customers a broader range of services including supply chain integration.
• To develop preferred partnerships with our Key suppliers.
• To continue to promote apprenticeships and training within the company.

Good progress has been made with all these objectives and we can now see sustainable growth for the next few years and beyond. We are determined to be the supplier of choice for all our Customers and we will continue to develop the business by further investments in equipment, digital technologies, robotics and our specialist workforce.

The Aerospace Industry is fast moving – we intend to maintain a lead in everything we do. Our new company animation will give you a brief overview.