Lean Processes

Maximise Productivity.
Minimise Waste.

How do you define the perfect partner in your aerospace supply chain? At Middlesex Aerospace, we believe it is the ability to continually improve a component and how it is made, cutting your lead times and meeting ever higher quality standards – all without raising costs.

From senior management to our highly experienced and talented engineers, we are relentlessly focused on continuously improving our role within your supply chain. From stock and work-in-progress reduction to improvements in Cost of Non Conformance and OEE, our dedication to increasing productivity and workplace efficiency allows us to support higher levels of service and deliver quality and DSA to all our customers.

At Middlesex Aerospace we are totally committed and focused on continuously improving throughput

Vendor Managed Solutions – Kitting

At every stage of the supply chain we are constantly striving to increase workflows to improve stock control efficiency to achieve 100% on-time delivery. Keeping stock levels down to an absolute minimum is crucial to an integrated and efficient system.

The vendor managed solution is located with the customer so an engineer can remove stock beside the assembly line. This then triggers the software to email a release note and an invoice is raised within seconds.

This highly efficient and integrated approach to source and supply, enables us to ‘vendor manage’ the complete solution.

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